A Journey of Discovery....

Welcome to the Greenshank Migration Story.
Here you can find out about Greenshanks, follow the movements of individual birds, help unravel some of the mysteries about their migration, meet other people who are interested in them, and discover more about the places the birds visit and the people who live there.

Latest News

In-hand photograph of a Greenshank


Picture of four Greenshanks wading

Tips on what to look for when you spot a ringed Greenshank and how to report your sighting.

Meet the Birds

Picture of a group of birdwatchers in the harbour

Find out more about the lives of Greenshank that come to Chichester Harbour.

What’s it like on a catch?

A volunteer’s view

Successful catch: two more geolocators removed

At last we have been able to catch two Greenshanks with geolocators.